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An Online Marketing explainer video is a short and fun video, usually between 2 and 3 minutes long. They can be longer or shorter depending on what your topic is or how long you feel you need to get your message across.

Do You Want To Know What Online Marketing Explainer Videos Are?

Animation Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are light and engaging so they explain the topic in a way that is appealing to the viewer. Sometimes a short video is just what someone needs to see before they decide to purchase your product.

Explainer videos can be used in many ways. Here are a few examples:

1. Event or Conference – If you plan to have a booth at an event or conference you can use videos to draw people in. If you your product is too big to have properly displayed, an explainer video can help show your potential customers exactly what your product does.

Explainer videos for Online Marketing are useful in many ways. They do best when trying to gain business and close sales. Always hire a professional video marketing company to make your video so you are sure you are getting quality work.

Understand that this doesn’t mean inexpensive videos are useless and don’t work, but they are not as effective when it comes to digital marketing.

Cartoons Animations

Explainer Videos - Effectively Conveying the Product Idea to the End User

Explainer Videos/Explanatory Videos are being utilised by some of the world´s most successful online brands. Why are they such a hot trend at the moment you might ask? Quite simply, because they are a powerful digital marketing tool that can be used to educate, inform and visually present your business or product faster and easier than the "written word" - And in a world that waits for no man, that can make the difference between getting ahead, or getting lost in the crowd.

Less is More...

The old saying of a picture paints a thousand words is as applicable to the world of animation today, as it was for the Mona Lisa centuries before. The fact is, art (imagery) has long been recognised (and accordingly utilised) as a powerful propaganda tool. In reality, even simple imagery can portray mammoth concepts to a broad spectrum of people: Something that can be difficult to achieve with content, regardless of how well it is composed. The major plus is, an Explainer Video can get a lot of information across in a fraction of the time: Providing the perfect platform for businesses to get their message across quickly and effectively.

Hot and Cold

You could be forgiven for perhaps thinking Explainer Videos are just another of today´s "latest trends" - To which, they will become tomorrow´s cold potatoes in no time at all. However, in reality using imagery (moving or otherwise) to get across to the masses is no new thing by any means. The main change is, today´s advanced digital technology has made the world of animation and film accessible to the masses. Today, even a small business can afford "air time"! Video is easy to share and the web is crammed with social networks (such as YouTube, FB & Vimeo for example): Most of which are free. You´ve heard of "viral videos" right? Make it great and your business could be reaching millions of people within weeks, maybe even days!

A Fine Balance

As said, technology is for sale and it is available to everyone - Chances are your fifteen year old niece has Dreameaver or Photoshop! To which, a lot of small businesses opt to create their own Explainer Videos. The main problem with that is, without design and marketing experience, what you think those "cute" floating kitties are "explaining" to your attentive audience, and what you actually "saying", can be very different things! If you want to ensure your Explainer Video is clear and concise (because less is definitely more) you need professionals. Too long, too short, the balance is a fine one. If you do not know exactly what you are doing your video could end up nothing more than a glorified PP Presentation - And for today´s customer that´s about as "enlightening" as yesterday´s potatoes.